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Interview with Sydney monster idealist career builder put in entry lever and searched applied to 10 over winter break underqualified for a lot of them either didn’t hear back or they told me I wasn’t my summer is set with a camp job

yearlong internship with IJM, I really pursued that one I got an offer but had to decline it. It was in a Latin American office and I didn’t feel like my Spanish was good

Sit on my computer a lot and apply and look for jobs over the next 3 months

how much did you think about average amount, the first few years of college, I thought about it in theory but the pressure wasn’t there. Senior year was when I realized I needed to think about post grad and start applying I am open to going anywhere in the world and know what I want to do. I knew that I was passionate about human trafiking and child soldiers since my freshman year of college

I changed my major 3 times in college, bio for a quarter, x for a year, then junior year I started global studies and loved it.

what do you do to organize your job search? I have a note in my phone that says potential employers that I have had for years, I will keep adding those and then go to their website and look and apply if there are opening and make a note to check back if they don’t at the time. If they are too small

Idealist is my #1 site to look for jobs

I would say my job application process right now is a little scattered

I am intimidated by the whole job thing right now since it seems so real and daunting since I graduated.

a lot of places rejected me and it was discouraging.

my phone note got disorganized.

keep track? No

submit and wait

I applied to large organizations and

It was cool that IJM became an option because it became smaller

I am going have to refine it and become more face to face

A lot are so large

keep track of the process if they rejected me I would just delete

the ones that never replied

app would be cool. Something on a calendar, link to my linkedin, even an excel spreadsheet to really break it down and organize it.

monster etc you can save jobs, and see a semi-record. That is helpful because you can return to them.

Something that puts it into one place to analyze what I am looking for better.

resume/cover letters are saved to my computer

writing class sophomore year where you had to write a resume and coverletter.

next couple weeks, vamping up my resume.

I am kicking myself now, because we have so many resume workshops on campus and I never used them and now I can’t kind of.

wanted to know what I wanted to do but haven’t focused on getting there until

focused on getting degree until graduation.

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