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This is really raw data, observations and notes. Just the start of some (hopefully) foundational research.

Today's twentysomethings are taking longer than their predecessors to complete school, leave the nest, become financially independent, and start families.!16

I also purchased this book to arrive Monday:

The Muse

This site is not specifically marketing to new or recent graduates, but much of their content speaks to this demographic and their “look” suggests this as their main market.

While compiling research. I found that not many job search sites were specifically targeting new graduates. While they spoke to topics new grads want to know/learn about and included them in their audience, they did not speak to the specific needs of this audience.


While I found articles that speak to expectations and new grads’ job search. I have not yet found any direct competitors in this subject.

Most content out there targeting new grads are primarily job boards with some, but not much, practical advice.

Potential Audience Members:

The (Almost) Graduate

She really enjoys college and is involved in many extra curricular activities.

She is a communications major because she didn’t know what she wanted to do and was told it was an adaptable major

She is overwhelmed thinking about the responsibilities and choices that await her at college graduation.

“With graduation looming less than 3 months away, I am starting to feel the increasing pressure about my post grad plans. It seems like everyone around me has their life together while I’m just focusing on making it to graduation.”

The Non-College Student

He has been “on his own” since graduating high school.

He works at the local grocery store, a coffee shop and doing yard work for neighbors.

He is currently living from paycheck-to-paycheck

“Life hit me hard when I set out on my own after high school. I am currently working 3 part time jobs to make ends meet. I have a lot of responsibilities and it life seems overwhelming sometimes.”

The Internship Savvy College Student

She has already completed two internships and is currently working on a third.

She has known what field she anted to be in since she was a freshman in high school.

She is extremely ambitious and works hard to achieve her goals.

“I can’t wait to start my career, while college is great, I feel alive when I an at my internship. I keep in touch with most of my internship bosses on a regular basis. Life after college will be a dream come true.”

5 years out

He recently landed his first salaried position.

He is moving into his own apartment next month.

He just paid off his student loans.

“I feel like the expectations I had about how post grad life would be are finally starting to come to realization. I just got the job I had hoped for after years of mindless work. I have a great, however small community and promising girlfriend.”

One year out

He currently lives with his parents while working at Starbucks and applying for jobs.

He has been a little lonely since moving back home because most of his friends stayed in their college town.

He is currently optimistic about his situation, although it ebbs and flows.

“While it wasn’t what I had planned, I am thankful that my parents let me stay with them. It is great to have a break in my finances as I figure out what is next. I am excited because I know something is right around the corner.”

The Grad Student

She took a year off between her undergraduate and graduate school.

She works part time at a department store while attending grad school full time.

She lives in an apartment with 2 other girls and shares a room.

“Sometimes I feel like I am being passed by by everyone I know. My friends are establishing careers and I am still in school so I can start mine. It is hard to go out with friends because the don’t understand the frugality I have to employ.”

The 35 year old

She recently got promoted to a manager.

She is on the hunt to buy her first house.

She recently got married.

“I am glad to be out of my twenties. I think the thirties are the best years of you life not the twenties. Life is good and I am enjoying everyday. “

The Parent

She has a child who just graduated from college this year as well as two younger kids.

She treats all her children the same; doing their laundry, cooking for them, etc.

She does not remember was it was like to be a fresh college grad and nags here sonto find something to do with her time.

“My some seems to be slightly depressed but it seems like this new chapter of his lifeshould be the happiest time of his life. I don’t know why he doesn’t just get a job and start enjoying this new (and exciting) start.”

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