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Making Progress on the app

This week I refined my screens from your feedback and then did paper user testing and then refined them again from the feedback I received. It was very interesting to do see how user interacted with my screens and how they all got stuck on the same screen (customize main page) and others where there was split in user preference. I ended up explaining why there was a hang up and what I was intending so I could get inside the users brains and decision processing. I think this was very helpful because, I got to understand why they selected a certain option and then figure out why it was and issue and how to fix it. At first I did not think that this would be a super useful process, but I found it very interesting and very useful in the end!

I am getting excited about the screens and task flows, and it has made it much easier to create more, The user testing and completing the screens for the task flows has helped me pick up excitement and momentum! I'm excited to move it to sketch or invision!

I also refined some of my other deliverables. This next week I would like to finalize the giveaways and get everything ready for print.

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