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Getting the video together

I worked with an another student who loves video production. She helped me video the screens, which I was worried about because it is hard to capture a screen accurately. I developed a script and shot/clip list for the video and it really started to come together. Exciting!


[sorted logo fade to bw graduation.jpg photo] You’ve made it through endless exams, established your independence, and began discovering your career passions.

Congratulations! [photo faded to color version (graduation video)]

But now it’s time to start your career. Overwhelming right? [jobfinder.jpg blue fades to gray at overwhelming]

Less than 50% of college students visit a career counselor during college, they focus on school and feel unprepared for their job search when the time comes. [Career counselor pic]

Through brainstorming, interviewing, and testing solutions with new college grads, [user test photo] Sorted was developed. [checkmark loading screen/ welcome to sorted mov9631 0:01-0:05]

This new app helps you maximize your job search by keeping track of everything you've done and need to do. [use clip from mov 9623]

You can view each application as a folder: [mov9644 0:14-0:20] past and future tasks, contact and any notes, and see suggested tasks to complete in a complied list or calendar. [mov9644 1:12-1:20

Sorted also has an advice tab [mov9631 0:57.5-1:02 advice and lets get started] then use clip from mov 9623] which gives you ideas and suggestions to help you get your resume read, make it to the interview and ultimately land that job to start your career! [girl.jpg (if you need something) or the walking video]

Sorted helps keep your job search organized. Download the app and breath a sigh of relief. [logo with download icons—end video]

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