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Finalizing all the pieces

I worked on my process book this week. It still have many holes but I thought through the content and order and wanted to check that with you to make sure it is on track.

I refined my user flow based on feedback and watched some tutorials on the functions of Invision. I started uploading the screens, but it is not quite ready to show.

I also refined the on-boarding to include introductions to the icons and user tested a paper version. My users said that they prefer this version because it shows the icons. I got some other good feedback about flow and some of the language on the tutorial that I need to work on summarizing for my process book. Maybe we can talk about this a bit on Tuesday.

I created the rest of the "terms to know" cards and refined the other deliverables that I have been working on. I also ordered the pop sockets and stickers and worked on a plan for production.

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