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Finalizing Brand Guidelines

I am getting excited about how everything is coming together! I feel like I accomplished a lot of work this week and I am excited about how the brand that I have been forming is laying out in different mediums. I did a draft of my web ads and user tutorial/flow and icons and refined pieces that I have already started.

I think that it was good to get started designing computer screens of the app and there are some things that I think need changing or refining for sure, for example the cards page I did, I am not sure if the colors on the cards is really working. That is how I envisioned the page, but it does not look like I expected it to. Also the icons definitely need refining, I will need to create white and gray and possibly another color of them and the "checkmark" detail is currently getting lost at the smaller sizes. So i will need to fix that. I will also need to refine shapes and choose final versions to refine.

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