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What else is out there?

What is out there?


There is a guy that does seminars that has registered trademark on the name.

Fred Pryor Seminars transfers over to:

He doesn’t actually have a seminar about career/job finding but most are about general job skills

Also in existence is Career Track Plus, which is aimed at helping high school students find direction in what they want to pursue in college. It is an academic and career counselor based in the SF bay area named Laurie Erceg who worked with individuals and organizations.


Definition/ keywords:

organized; arranged; fixed up.

There is a new Zealand website called:

Which is a government sponsored site promoting money management.

There is a UK website called: which is a UK based job database and one called:, which is a site that helps people find jobs in the UK. Their tagline is: Get Started, Get SORTED! Together into Sustainable Employment

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