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Developing the Brand

My video is starting to shape up. I decided to try using my actual job search materials from my last job search as props to illustrate visually how my app will organize all the parts and pieces of a job search.

I had to think about my brand’s voice this week. I think that if my brand had a personality, it would act a kind of like a tech nerd. He knows a lot about his subject but does not communicate in a condescending or patronizing way. He does his job in helping others in this subject expertly well but is very humble about it. My brand communicates in a cool, laid-back, unruffled way. My brand would be a casual friend that always has an interesting fact to share or some cool trick up his sleeve.

My logo and system is coming along but not as much as I would like. I think I need to do more sketching and more computer exploration. I did some more visual research and refined my inspiration pulls.

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