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The end of Thesis 1

This semester was difficult yet rewarding. I started this class not knowing where I would end up. I had had ideas of what I wanted to focus on for my thesis project that I could not find a design solution to. I had done a plethora of research and felt overwhelmed with knowledge about my topic, yet no project or solution in mind. I was overwhelmed much of the semester because thinking of and planning out the future of my Masters program is a daunting task and I think it hindered me a bit in progressing and moving forward and fast as I could have. Through the projects in this class, I was able to narrow and focus my research and define a project that I am excited and passionate about.

I was surprised that I am so excited about the direction my project is taking. While it is different than the original goal I wanted to pursue, it involves my passion for helping new college graduates succeed and my love for organization and in the end, has potential to solve a real problem. When I thought of the idea for my thesis deliverable and started talking about it with my audience, I started to get really excited about the direction it was taking and the need I found.

I think my visual system is off to a good start. I had a bit of a hurdle advancing the system this semester because it felt so permanent creating it while planning the rest of the project. I learned that this is something I need to focus on and want to work to improve my branding skills as a whole and for my thesis.

Overall, I am happy with the results of the work I produced and I am excited to continue on with this project and work hard to design something great. I think that the foundational planning and preparation I put together in project 2 will help set me up for success in future thesis classes.

We have heard over and over again that the thesis topic and the project we choose should be something that we want to spend a good, long amount of time working on and I think that I have found it. I am excited to take the work I have started this semester and carry it through to a completed thesis project.

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